Lower Body Exercises for Women

When us girls are searching for “lower body exercises for women”, we are usually after something that will not only tone our thighs, but improve the look and size of our butts as well. Yes, I suppose, our hips and tummies come into the equation also.

Well, an exercise that I am going to tell you about here, is something that will work on all those areas. The lower body muscles utilized in this exercise are very important for good stability in other movements, which means this move meshes with just about all exercise goals nicely.

The quads, buttocks and hamstrings are all utilised in the exercise known as the Bulgarian Split Squat – and tummy or abdominal muscles are used for balance and stability, thus they are worked at the same time.

In addition to the Bulgarian split squat, well known as one of the better lower body exercises for women, muscle building circuit training also affords the individual numerous ways to tone and develop all areas of the lower body. It’s possible to plan circuits with increasing levels of intensity. Alternatives may include resistance training to sprinting improvement, badminton agility and marathon based drills.

It is an efficient way of improving stamina, but offers the additional benefit that all facets of fitness (such as absolute strength, power and speed) can be improved with the introduction of movements that facilitate these particular aims.

Circuits have been part of the footballer’s and basketball player’s training for some time. They can be utilised outdoors or in a fitness center and help you develop fast feet, agility and muscle gains.

  • Circuit strength training, using light weight exercises that are executed over multiple repetitions and sets, is an appropriate choice for the endurance athlete, particularly when exercises relevant to the particular sports activity are chosen.
  • Research indicates that when strength training using free weights, unilateral activities entail more stabilizing work from the belly and synergist muscle groups, so take advantage of these sort of movements in your muscle building sessions.
  • A typical collection of moves for a total body weight training circuit might be a series of exercises for Chest, Deltoids, Lats, Rhomboids and Lower Traps, Arms, Legs and Abdominals, but not automatically in that order.

There are countless numbers of resistance training exercises you could find in order to train the butt and hamstrings.

  • Compound Movements: concentrate on groups of muscle groups together, for example the squat, that trains the glutes, quads and hamstrings.
  • Isolation Movements: that focus on one particular muscle group, for example leg extension which primarily works the quads.
  • The One Leg Squat is an efficient basic multi-joint exercise which focuses on the butt and leg muscles, whilst also requiring the core muscles for stability.

Appropriate exercise choice for your quadriceps and butt muscles will enable you to:

  • Alleviate loss of strength owing to old age.
  • Place emphasis on weak points (If you have had weaker hips, thigh muscles and hamstrings, this is of utmost importance).
  • Generate strength increases in other sorts of exercises
  • Enable you to eradicate unhealthy body fat
  • Make working out with free weights or machines less boring

So, if you are looking for some great lower body exercises for women, first try the Bulgarian Split Squat, and secondly give circuit training a go – you have nothing to lose with either, except excess body fat! And that has to be worth everything to me.