Make Up Tips: Blending with Fingers

Blending your make up with your fingers is easy. If you want a natural make-up finish but don’t have your brushes handy, the perfect tools are at your fingertips.

Brushes are a fantastic way to blend make-up, but your fingers are great tools too. They can add colour to your face exactly where you want it, the warmth of your skin makes blending easy, and you can top up your make-up without carrying a brush roll around. See below to find out how to use your fingers to apply four different make-up essentials, and create a gorgeous, professional-looking finish in moments.

Backstage at fashion snows, top make-up artists use their fingers for blending to create a smooth finish in minimal time.

Do’s and Don’ts

  • Do wash your hands before you start to avoid spreading dirt.

  • Don’t bacteria apply too much pressure – this can rub the make-up off

  • Do be wary if you have long nails – you could scratch your skin

  • Don’t forget powder formulas absorb oil from skin – so use a very light touch

  • Do wash your hands after blending to avoid staining clothes

  • Don’t give up on brushes completely – they’re great for more tricky applications

    Step-by-step blending with fingers

Before you begin, make sure your nails aren’t too sharp or have any ragged ends. File them neatly to prevent scratching the skin’s surface.


Perfect for: eye liner

Use a soft kohl pencil to draw tiny dashes along your top lid. With the pad of your little finger, smudge the colour together, keeping it close to the lash base. Work from the inner to the outer corner, taking care not to drag the skin.


Perfect for: cream blusher

Add cream blusher to the pads of your fingers and dab the colour straight onto the apples of your cheeks. Using soft circular motions, blend it into the fleshy part of your cheek, then work it out to your temples with soft horizontal strokes.


Perfect for: under-eye concealer

With its delicate touch, your ring finger is ideal for blending concealer under your eyes. Apply a few small dots around your orbital bone, working from the inner to the outer corner. Blend carefully with very soft patting movements.


Perfect for: gloss or lipstick

Your index finger (forefinger) is a great lip colour applicator, as the pad is the same size as a lipstick bullet. Apply gloss or colour directly onto the centre of each lip, and use your finger to blend it out towards your lip line.


  • To remove excess mascara or clumps, gently pinch your lashes between your thumb and index finger.

  • Prevent lipstick transferring onto your teeth by placing your index finger between your lips and pulling it out slowly.

  • For a sheer, natural finish, apply your foundation with the pads of your fingers.

  • To bring colour to your cheeks when you don’t have blusher to hand, softly pinch the apples with your finger and thumb.

  • Add a youthful glow by patting a touch of highlighter onto your cheekbones with the pad of your index finger.


Keep a pack of cleansing wipes to hand when you’re blending make-up with your fingers – you’ll be able to get rid of messy residue when you are finished.