No Weight Workout Women Should Do to Burn Fat

A ‘No Weight Workout’ Women Should Do to Burn Fat

If your health and fitness are very important to you, and exercise is a regular part of your life, then you’ll agree with me when I say that getting the best results from your workout is vital. Vital to not only control your weight and improve muscle tone, but vital to give you that healthy invigorating glow afterwards.

no weight workout women can do to burn fat

However, if you haven’t quite appreciated yet how important exercise can be in relation to weight loss, then maybe you’re looking for a ‘no weight workout’?

Women can include a really effective workout without weights into their exercise routine in order to burn excess body fat.

The ‘no weight workout’ women can do to burn excess body fat involves two types of exercise.

Bodyweight exercises like push ups or even pull ups are great for building up muscles in areas you didn’t even know you had them!  By this, I don’t mean huge bulging masculine muscles, I just mean adding mass to your muscle in order to burn calories.'no weight workout' women can do

As your muscles are pushed to their limits with this type of exercise, the muscle fibres break down, and require lots of energy in the form of calories to build and repair. The bigger the muscle becomes, the more calories it will need, even when resting. It will continue to burn more calories constantly, and will burn fat, thus increasing your metabolic rate.

And then, there is high intensity aerobic interval training. This type of training involves aerobic exercise and is performed in short intense bursts, resulting in an increase in metabolic rate which will continue to burn calories and fat long after the workout has finished.

These types of exercise, or ‘no weight workout’ women can do to burn fat are highly effective at increasing the metabolic rate, but they work even better when the workout is performed shortly after waking. If your breakfast doesn’t include carbs even better still, then your body will burn its current supply and burn fat faster.

'no weight workout' women can doHowever, a balanced meal including lean protein immediately afterwards is crucial – if you can’t manage this, you could always have a protein drink to help with speeding up your metabolism and helping to to continue to burn the maximum amount of calories for the rest of the day, as part of your ‘no weight workout’.

Women I know regularly include this type of training in their exercise regime, with great results!