Primitive Diet of Our Primitive Ancestors

The diet of our primitive ancestors is sometimes cited by nutritionists as the archetypal healthy diet. Early humans were foragers who searched for wild fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds. This carbohydrate-rich diet would have provided substantially larger amounts of vitamins and minerals than today’s diet, which is often dominated by foods that have been highly refined or processed.

Further into their development, early humans learned to hunt animals and eat meat – hence the anthropological term ‘hunter-gatherer’. This was later followed by the advent of agriculture. Some nutritionists say that these moves away from a forager’s diet were detrimental to overall human nutrition. The new foods introduced through agriculture included grains, legumes, dairy products and domesticated animal meats. Some nutritional therapists believe that the reason so many people today are allergic to wheat and dairy foods is because humans have never fully adapted to these foods.

primitive diet