Shoulder Exercises for Women

Here are some great shoulder exercises for women to start implementing into their workouts today, to start really seeing some great should definition. These exercises will give you some really nice rounded shoulders so that you can feel good in whatever you wear, and to produce some good strength for your arms as well.

Our first shoulder exercise is actually a variation on the push up. The push up exercise can be pretty much changed around to work any big muscle group in your body. This will hit a lot on your shoulders:

Pike Pushup

Start in a downward dog position, with your head down towards the ground and your feet close in to your body. Bend your elbows out and let the top of your head touch the ground. Make sure your shoulders are pointing out and you up onto your toes. To make it harder, you can walk your feet closer and closer to your hands, or you can put your feet up onto a high block. Attempt 12- 15 repetitions, and three sets would be good.

Shoulder Press

shoulder exercises for women - shoulder press
shoulder exercises for women – shoulder press

The shoulder press is another great exercise for the biceps, the shoulders, as well as the core. Grab some dumbbells, or if you have a barbell, you can use that too, but I would really recommend dumbbells over a barbell.

Start with your upper arms (triceps and biceps) parallel to the ground, palms facing forwards, and push the weights straight up over your head. Make sure that you don’t arch backwards, you really want to keep a strong core and keep the momentum going.

Do 12 – 15 repetitions, and again, try to do three sets.

Dumbbell Clean and Press

This is always a favourite of the shoulder exercises for women. Start, with a dumbbell in each hand and then watch this video – it’s kind of difficult to explain how to do this shoulder exercise, so I recommend you view it instead:

 Upright Row

Stand with feet slightly wider than shoulder width apart and again, take a dumbbell one in each hand, hold your hands down in front of you with the inner ends of the dumbbells almost touching. Lift them up to just below chin level and your elbows high, although your upper arms should remain parallel with the ground. Keep the weights nice and tight into your body, whilst squeezing with your shoulders, your back and your arms.

Make sure that you don’t lock your knees and that you have a nice loose stance in your legs, a nice tight core, and your head facing forwards, and raise up and down, repeating 12-15 times.

These are some of the best shoulder exercises for women to add to their shoulder workout – get your sexy shoulders here!!