Stretching Exercises for Women

Always get a good stretch and cool down after your workout. Use the following stretching exercises for women to help you with this. 

A lot of people forget to stretch after a workout but it’s one of the best things you can do for your body and actually to help you get results after your workout is completely done. Recent research has shown that simply stretching your muscle fibres has helped to promote muscle strengthening, helping you to build bigger muscles, get better results and also to help with your recovery, ie helps with muscle soreness etc. 

So, it is quite important to stretch following your weight or strength training routine. The first of a few favourite stretches, is actually a yoga move. Yoga exercises are great to get you up and going in the morning. 

The Downward Dog 

stretching exercises for women - downward dog
stretching exercises for women - downward dog

It is basically an incorrect push up. Start by putting your hands about shoulder width apart down on the floor, and with your feet together, bring them as close to your hands as you physically can – this should push your butt straight up in the air.

To form this stretch, you want to push back from the base of your palms, to push your heels back into the ground, creating a great stretch in the back of your calf muscle, as well as your back and your shoulders. Let your head hang relaxed down between your arms.

You will need to hold each position for about 20 seconds, to get the best benefits from each stretch.

The Butterfly

Sit on the floor, with your feet together – soles facing each other – make your toes come together and pull your feet into your body as tight as you can go, whilst trying to push your knees down to the ground (help with your hands). Once you are in this position, try to lean forward to make your nose touch the ground or if your nose can touch your toes easily, then try to put your nose down to the ground after this initial stretch through, trying to get your chest all the way down to your feet.  

Once again, hold this position for about 15 to 20 seconds, giving you a great hip stretch, a great thigh stretch and it’s actually going to be stretching your back at the same time.

Back Stretch

stretching exercises for women - back stretch
stretching exercises for women - back stretch

If you have back problems, this is a great stretch to help ease the pain, and it really can help if you do this stretching exercise every morning. Sit on the ground with your legs out stretched in front of you. Cross one foot over the other leg so the foot is flat on the floor and the knee bent up. Put your opposite elbow on the side of your knee and turn your upper body as far away and around as you can, this will give a great rotational move around the spine. Your other hand can rest on the floor behind you to give support. Hold this stretch again, for 20 seconds, and then change over to the other side. 

Make sure you are not pushing yourself too far around – you don’t want to cause any pain in your body – but definitely stretch to where you are feeling it, but not where it is causing any pain.


These are three really great stretching exercises for women to do following weight or strength training routines. As mentioned before, these stretches can really help with muscle growth. You can also just do these stretches if you feel that your body needs it – to help ease back pain for example.

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