The Outrageous Cause Why You Are So Fat and What To Do

The vast majority of people today are fat, overweight, obese – however you like to phrase it – but it all boils down to the same thing ultimately. According to a government study, two out of every three adults in America today is obese – and I’m sure you know many of the health problems that come with being overweight.

obesity is a problem

Did we always have a problem with our weight? Of course not. A hundred years ago, most people were slim, and in pretty good shape. It was only the rare individual that had a weight problem.

Why? A hundred years ago, most people had to put in a serious, and I mean physically serious days work to make a living. That was back when work meant work. Today it’s pretty easy to make a living sitting around all day and not putting in too much effort. We are all guilty of this.

One more difference is the actual type and quantity of food that we put in our mouths on a daily basis. A hundred years or so ago, most people cooked every day, and when they did, it was with fresh ingredients. Usually bought that same day at the local grocery store.

Today, however, even if you cook at home every day, it’s still difficult to cook healthily. Any search through your local supermarket will show you just how many frozen, processed, mass produced items are available.

And what about eating out? It’s even worse. Many restaurant chains mass produce their food, and put all kinds of chemicals and additives in them to keep them fresher, longer, making it cheaper for them to produce.

Fast food is in a class all by itself. Fast food is so loaded with chemical garbage it would make a mad scientist madder. Who needs a milk shake to stay fresh for twenty years?

The trouble is that there are so many horrible food choices around us every day, it can take a heroic effort to choose only good, healthy food. And what’s worse, eating these kinds of foods only makes you want them that much more – they can be virtually impossible to resist.

Another thing that most people aren’t aware of is that by eating all these chemically laced foods, they are doing terrible harm to their digestive system. Many people don’t know that most of us have parasites living in our intestines, and despite how hard we try to lose weight, no matter how much we exercise and diet, these parasites can make it virtually impossible.

Fortunately, once you find out how to get rid of these parasites, and flush them out, losing weight actually becomes pretty easy. People that have done this are amazed how easily they can quickly lose weight. They also realize how rapidly they can return to a normal, happy life.