Toning Exercises for Women

It is a good thing to adopt a regular exercise routine for not only keeping your body nice and firm, but remaining fit for whatever life may throw your way – both physically and mentally.

These toning exercises for women focus mainly on the butt, but as you will see in the second exercise, the legs are featured. As you perform these exercises, you will notice that areas other than just the butt and legs are toned and firm – you must keep your abs tight throughout, so the exercises work your core muscles as well.

Squats and Side Leg Raises 

This exercise is a squat with a side leg raise. Start with a traditional squat (image 1), nice and low, knees back behind your toes and as you come up, your weight should be on one leg so that you can lift your opposite leg up and out to the side as high as you can.

squats and side leg raises
squats and side leg raises image 1


squats and side leg raises
squats and side leg raises image 2

Return to your squat position and as you come back up, lift your opposite leg. Keep alternating back and forth, with a nice tight squeeze at the top of the leg lift, you don’t want to kick your leg up there, you just want to nicely squeeze it and raise it up and then right back down to your deep squat position, as low as you can make it.

squats and side leg raises
squats and side leg raises image 3

Keep the motion going, nice and slow under control, keeping your lungs open – breathing normally, until you have completed 12 reps on each side. 

Calf Raises 

Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, pressing up onto your toes as high as you possibly can letting those heels drop down, but don’t let them completely touch the floor.

toning exercises for women - calf raises
toning exercises for women - calf raises

Always keep the calf muscle engaged, and if you have an aerobics step or a staircase in your home, it’s really good idea to use that instead to get a little extra range of motion out of it. This will really develop the calf muscle a lot better. Keep the motion going nice and slow under control.

If this movement is too easy for you, you can always switch to a single leg, to make it a little harder.

Try to do at least 16 repetitions, and if you are working a single leg at a time, you will need to do 16 on each leg.

These toning exercises for women are part of a course of butt lift exercises, however, they help to tone many other areas of the body at the same time.


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