Toning the Glutes – Best Buttocks Exercise Outdoors

Toning the Glutes Best Buttocks Exercise Outdoors

You can really have so much fun when you plan a “toning the glutes” session, with some of the best outdoor buttocks exercise.

toning the glutes

Exercise can be so invigorating outside.  Just the freshness of the outdoor air alone can motivate you to do more. And push yourself that little bit further.  The promise of a warm and inviting shower afterwards is always a great reward when your glute toning session is over as well.

Enjoy the fresh outdoor air with the following glute toning activities:

Best Buttocks Exercise for Toning the Glutes Outdoors

All of these activities are perfect for working your buttock, leg and hip muscles.  By getting involved in any one of these activities / exercises, you will find that your stamina is greatly improved too.

Hiking / Hill Walking

toning the glutes

As you begin a new training regime, I would suggest that you set yourself a goal or target to walk a particular distance, gradually increasing this distance as you progress.  The fresh, outdoor air will be so invigorating, I am sure it will encourage you to walk that much further – all the while toning the glutes!!

If you are relatively new to exercise, I would start with walking on a relatively level or flat terrain, as I said above, increase your distance gradually, and then you can start the hill walking which is particularly great for toning those buttocks and toning the glutes.  The increased gradient will make it that bit harder and will work those gluteal muscles that much more.

If you are not quite ready to add the hills into your walk for your glute toning sessions, then you could add some lunges and squats periodically throughout your hike or walk.  Even if you are including hills in your hike, don’t forget the lunges and squats – they will tone your buttocks even more.

If you live close enough to a beach, then you do some great buttocks exercise by walking or running barefoot on the sand.  The mechanics of the physical movement involved with walking or running on the sand, works the leg and buttock muscles more intensively than walking or running on a solid ground surface.


If you get the opportunity to swim outdoors, that’s great.  Add swimming to your outdoor  buttocks exercise schedule.

Front crawl, or just kicking your legs whilst using a float or flutterboard is great for toning the glutes.

Cyclingtoning the glutes

Cycling is fantastic for building up your gluteal muscles.

Vary your workouts regularly though – add new techniques and goals into your routine to prevent your body from becoming accustomed to the time and level of difficulty of your workout.  Varying your routines will help to keep you more focused as well.


Tennis is another great buttocks exercise.  The short sharp running and turning movements will add strength and size to your glutes for sure.

With this great variety of outdoor workouts for you to choose from, you won’t even realize that you are toning the glutes – you’ll be doing them the power of good and getting some fresh air at the same time.  I promise you that you’ll be having so much fun outdoors toning the glutes – try any of the buttocks exercise listed above and get toning the glutes for a stronger and healthier you!