Toning the Glutes with the Best Buttocks Exercise

Toning the Glutes

Gives Amazing Shape and Definition

The buttocks are made up of the group of three gluteal muscles – the maximus, the medius and the minimus.  They are also referred to as “the glutes”.

toning the glutes

The gluteus maximus muscles are the biggest of this group of muscles and are responsible for giving your buttocks their shape.

If they weaken through lack of exercise, they can sometimes appear flabby and flat.  So toning the glutes is important to keep a great shape and definition to your buttocks.

There are some really great exercises that you can do to increase the size of the gluteal muscles, and there is one particular exercise which I really rate and know it works from personal experience.

The Bulgarian split squat really is the best buttocks exercise you can do.  It can be performed initially without weights and you can add some as you progress to push the muscles that much harder.

See following video for instructions and technique of the best buttocks exercise, the Bulgarian split squat:

Bulgarian Split Squat

This exercise can be performed with either a flat bench or an exercise ball.

  • Start by standing up straight (weights in hands if you so wish) with a bench or ball just behind you.
  • Place one leg back onto the bench or ball. (stabilize yourself by standing close to a wall is you are using a ball).
  • Lower yourself down into a squat position, ensuring that your knee remains level with your toes (ie not extending further forward than your toes).
  • As you use the exercise ball, it will roll backwards slightly as your body lowers, but you should try to keep your balance.
  • Return to start position.

Toning the Glutes – Exercises

You should try to train your gluteal muscles at least one or two times per week.

The following exercises for toning the glutes can be performed in the gym, but you will need to decide upon the weights yourself, according to your level of strength and experience.

Increase the intensity, both repetition and weight, at least weekly, to prevent your muscle from quickly adapting to a particular weight.

Leg Press toning the glutes

Position yourself on the leg press machine, placing your feet onto the footplate and hold the handgrips provided at the sides.

Whilst keeping your head and your back pressed into the backrest, lower the weight until your legs are bent at the knees into a 90 degree angle.

Push through your heels, raising the weight back up.

Ensure your knees are kept loose and relaxed – never lock your knees straight out.  Make sure the movement is fluid all the time.

Dumbbell Jump Squat

Hold some light dumbbells in your hands, down by your sides.

Lower yourself into a squatting position, making sure that your thighs are horizontal with the floor.

Leap high, pushing off from the ground with your calves, hamstrings, glutes and thighs.

Tuck your knees into your chest as you jump up.

As you return back to the floor, your knees should remain bent.

Return to original position, to repeat.

Glute Isolation Machinebest buttocks exercise

To access the platform safely and comfortably:

  • push the button on the lever;
  • standing on the platform, centre your hips with the lever rotation point;
  • select the desired weight load with the pin;
  • select the desired start position with the help of the lever;
  • keeping one foot firmly on the platform, move the opposite leg in front of the roller pad.

How to do this isolation buttocks exercise:

  • ensure your hips are placed firmly against the pad,
  • hold the handgrips and push your leg back,
  • try to keep a smooth controlled speed through the movement whilst maintaining control of the weight;
  • to exercise with the other leg, change over and repeat from point 2.

Ensuring the correct form or technique for these exercises is important when toning the glutes.  You want to really focus on the muscle as you are toning. Glutes will increase in size with added resistance in the form of extra weight.  Because the gluteus maximus muscle is one of the largest in the body, it will require a lot more energy in the form of calories for growth, indeed as any growing muscle does, but this will need so much more.  As it burns up these extra calories, it will burn fat from you body too and will give you a more defined and toned look to your buttocks.

Try to consume a healthy and balanced, fairly high protein diet in order for the glutes to grow and you will get the results you are after, from toning the glutes.