Tricep Exercises for Women

Here we have some of the best tricep exercises for women to do, to get that nice sexy tone to the tops of their arms. The tricep is that sexy muscle right at the back of our upper arm that we want to be able to show off – especially during the summertime when we want nice sleek arms to look good in our skimpy dresses and bathing suits. 

The tricep is so called ‘tri’ because it actually hooks onto our body in three different, what are called ‘heads’ – so with these exercises we want to make sure that we are really hitting all three of those locations to make sure that we get the best tricep workout

You will need just one dumbbell for all of these tricep exercises. As with all of these tricep exercises, you need to keep your core muscles squeezed and tense.

Tricep Extension

Articularis cubiti muscle
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The first exercise we are going to do is a tricep extension. It is a great tricep exercise, but is also great for your back too. 

You want to keep your feet shoulder width apart slightly bend your knees to give a stable, strong stance, and core muscles engaged.

Take the dumbbell in both hands, extend your arms up above your head, tucking your elbows in, close to your ears – and slowly lower the weight all the way back down behind your neck, and push it straight up.  


For dips, you can use a chair, a bench, a dip machine, or whatever you have available.

The trick with dips is that the further you have your feet away from you, the harder it is going to be, so if you are new to this, start with your feet a little closer.

Start with the palms of your hands on the side of the bench, supporting your weight, walk your feet out, and once again as with all of these tricep exercises to really hit those triceps, keep your elbows tucked in, and your head and gaze facing forward the whole time. Lower your butt down to the ground – your upper arms should be parallel to the ground, and repeat.

This exercise also works the top of the shoulders at the same time, so it’s a bonus for you shoulder definition fans as it can help to sculpt a great look!

Close Grip Push Ups

For this exercise, we are going to put a variation on the push up and do the close grip push up. This is a really hard one so if you need to start off on your knees, you can, but definitely push yourself if you can.

Start in the normal push up position, but instead of having your hands placed shoulder width apart, bring them closer together, keeping your elbows nice and close to your body the whole time. Make sure your core is nice and tight, as you don’t want your body sinking low as you do this exercise. As you lower your body into the push up, your elbows need to stay close, hugging you, the whole time, whilst you try to get your chest as low to the ground as possible.

Keep your gaze fixed on the floor directly below your face, don’t look down at your feet as you perform the exercise.

This is a great tricep exercise and you will definitely feel it with your first repetition. 

French Press or Skull Crusher

Lay down on your back on a gym bench, grab your dumbbell with both hands, holding at at either end with a palm grip. Lift the weight up above your chest. Keeping your arms straight, lower the weight back down until it almost touches your forehead, then push it right back up. The upper arm should remain at a right angle to your body throughout this exercise, and nice and straight the whole time – you don’t want your elbows to buckle out or in. Try to keep the movement controlled with your abs tight.

This exercise can also be performed with a barbell or bar (see image below).

French press exercise for triceps
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