Weight Programs for Women

Women all over the world have issues with their weight and body fat percentage. They can help to control their weight and reduce body fat by introducing weight programs. For women to benefit from strength training or weight training exercises, a level of self discipline is required, but results are quick if a healthy diet is maintained also.

Weight programs for women are specifically designed so that they can develop and ‘sculpt’ their muscles in areas they are happy to see definition. Definition of the muscle only develops however, after the covering layer of fat is reduced. And this will only happen as a result of the development of the muscles themselves.

weight programs for women
weight programs for women

Muscles grow as a result of the muscle fibres being broken down due to exercise, and then repairing and increasing in size. The muscles require energy in the form of calories for this repair process so they call on this from the body and thus they burn excess body fat. They will continue to need more energy for up to two days as they repair and because the result is a bigger muscle, that in turn will need a bigger supply of energy just for maintenance, even whilst the body is resting.

So, build muscle and burn fat! Not rocket science – just the natural way the body works to maintain its metabolism. Metabolism or metabolic rate is the speed at which the body burns energy just to exist. And remember to eat healthy and lean foods – no fattening, sugary cakes if you want to burn fat!

Weight programs for women will involve the use of both machine and free weights if the participant is happy with this, but machine weights can be used if that is the preference. Some women deem free weights to be a man thing and that it is those that will give them a masculine look. This is never going to happen unless they are taking steroids to boost their testosterone levels – the male hormone responsible for masculinity.

The choice is there – exercise machines or free weights – but whichever you choose, the answer to burning fat fast and continuing to burn it for up to two days, is to start some weight programs.

For women, it is not just fat loss that is a benefit, the use of weights will help to build strong bones too and this helps to prevent osteoperosis in later life. Osteoperosis is responsible for poor posture and the breaking or fracture of bones – and women over the age of 50 are more susceptible to this condition.

Another way to burn fat fast is to add some high intensity interval training to the weight programs. For women to benefit from this fat burn method as well, at least three workout sessions per week are necessary. 

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