Will Exercise Get Rid of Cellulite?

Will exercise get rid of cellulite? Well don’t sit around on your cellulite, give it a go and see for yourself – surely that is really the only way to find out whether it will or not.

It has been proven that exercise can get rid of cellulite in certain individuals – I get emails from women every day with their happy success stories – but everybody’s makeup and situation is different – so you really have to “suck it and see”!!

If you are going to try to get rid of your cellulite with exercise, then it is recommended that you do a combination of both cardiovascular and anaerobic or strength training exercises. In addition to exercise, you should start (if you haven’t already) a low-fat, well-balanced diet plan as well as drink plenty of water throughout the day. Daily recommendations for water intake is between 2 to 3 litres, however if 3 litres is really out of your reach, 2 will suffice.

Your diet should include lean protein such as white meat (chicken) or fish, vegetables, pulses and healthy fats such as olive oil (although in moderation).

So, back to the exercise. If you would like to try the following exercise routine, I am sure you will see some satisfactory results in less than 3 to 4 months.