Will Exercise Get Rid of Cellulite? Amazing Results

Will Exercise Get Rid of Cellulite? A question asked by many, and one which will continue to be asked the world over.

Women, and sometimes even men, suffer from cellulite. It generally appears on thighs, hips and buttocks, but also sometimes on our arms and tummy area.  It looks a little like cottage cheese or gives an orange peel appearance to the surface of the skin.  It is in actual fact, fatty tissue caught in pockets beneath the surface of the skin.

It is possible to reduce cellulite with exercise, but you need a combination of both aerobic and anaerobic exercises to really make a noticeable difference.

Do these exercises every day to get rid of cellulite. They will take you about thirty minutes so I’m sure you can fit them in throughout your day somewhere.

You might want some music to inspire you. No doubt you’ll have your favourite sounds, but as a guide to tempo, the hit single When Love Takes Over by David Guetta, featuring Kelly Rowland, has the right number of beats per minute (130).

These exercises work your entire thigh and hip area. Starting at the front of your thigh, they travel round using outer thigh, hip and buttock muscles, moving on to hamstrings and inner thighs, all in one smooth programme. You don’t need any fancy equipment or exercise aids, although I do recommend the use of a weight of some sort for the final hamstring lifts when you get better at it.

Warm Up First

You should do your aerobic exercise first, or even just go for a walk. If you’re really unable to do anything, don’t go into these exercises cold – walk up and down the stairs six or so times first, circle your arms a dozen times, bend and straighten your knees twelve times. Have a good stretch!

Will exercise get rid of cellulite?  I think you’ll find it will, but you have to stick at it – no slacking now!

Top of thigh lifts

will exercise get rid of cellulite - top of thigh lifts1. Sit on the floor as shown, arms straight and palms flat, fingers pointing away from you. Don’t slump in the middle – your torso should be dead straight.

2. Stretch both legs out in front and point toes as hard as you can. Lift your left leg.

3. Keeping your knee straight, slightly cross the leg over the lower one, then raise up. Do eight lifts slowly.

4. Now do sixteen lifts at double time. This is hard, and the top of your thigh really feels it. Keep going!

5. Do another eight lifts slowly.

6. Then sixteen lifts at double time.

Side leg lifts

will exercise get rid of cellulite - side leg lifts1. Lie on your side, keeping your upper body well away from the floor and supporting it by putting your hand on the floor. Make sure your neck and head don’t sink into your shoulder.

2. Raise and lower your top leg, letting it just touch the floor in front of your lower leg. Do this the same tempo as the last exercise, eight times slowly and sixteen times at double time.

3. Repeat the set once more.

Hip-toning lifts

will exercise get rid of cellulite - hip toning lifts1. Still lying on your side, shift your top hip forwards, bottom leg backwards, and place your top elbow on the floor. This forces your body right over, as if you were going to lie face down. Take the top leg up and back, dead straight.

2. From the upwards position, lower your leg until your toe just touches the floor behind your other leg. As before, do eight slowly then sixteen at double time, then repeat.

3. Your leg mustn’t be raised too high. The important movement is the downwards one, and you need to feel the stretch in your hip as you make this move.

All-fours gluteal and hamstring toner

1. Get on your hands and knees and make sure your back and neck are in alignment, and your back isn’t dipped in the middle. You should be looking straight down at the floor.

will exercise get rid of cellulite - gluteal and hamstring toner2. Stretch out your right leg as shown and hold. Point your toe and concentrate on straightening your knee and stretching your leg as much as possible. Hold your abdomen in tightly.

3. Now, flex your foot, then point it, in a ‘pulsing’ movement. Each time, your leg is raised a few centimetres, and you will feel the effort in your buttocks.

4. Do 24 pulses. Rest a few seconds then do another 24 pulses.

5. Rest by sitting your bottom back on your heels, stretching your arms forwards and placing your head between your arms.

Inner-thigh toner

1. Lie on your back. Place your hands or fists just under your hips as shown. This helps to stop your back arching.

will exercise get rid of cellulite - inner thigh toner2. Take both legs high and stretch them as wide as you can. (This might not be very wide, but don’t worry – it’ll come.) Now point your toes hard, and concentrate on making your knees straight. Don’t worry if they won’t go straight either- they will!

3. You’re going to do slow scissoring movements, bringing your feet together and then stretching your legs apart. Try not to let your legs just fall apart – they should be controlled all the time, with your toes still pointed. When your legs get to their farthest point, feel as if you are just elongating that little bit more – s-t-r-e-t-c-h!!

4. Bring your legs together and do tiny scissoring movements. Do eight then let legs fall apart, eight more and stretch and so on – do this as many times as you can. I suggest eight complete repetitions.

5. Bring your knees into your chest and relax.

Bottom squeezes

Stay on your back. You can do this as you are or place a weight on your hips. Raise and lower quickly a 100 times, pressing your knees together and releasing each time.


will exercise get rid of cellulite - bottom squeezes

Great! You’ve gone full circle and are ready to repeat the exercise with your right leg.

Stretch 1

stretch 1

This exercise stretches the whole lower back and outer thigh area.

Sit as shown, gradually lean forwards over your crossed legs as you feel the stretch.

Beginners should not worry if they can only go a little way – holding and then increasing the stretch by a few centimetres will soon develop to the full stretch.

Make sure you don’t force this move!

Stretch 2

To stretch backs of legs, all you need is a chair, stool or table. You can do this any time in any clothes, but take off your shoes first. Place both arms on the surface and step backwards. Stand with both feet level, and make sure your stretch is not too wide – your hips should be over your feet.

Try to flatten your back as you lower your head between your arms as shown. This is also a good all-round stretch for your back, shoulders and arm.

Stretch 3

This is tough, so take it easy at first. Take position by kneeling on the floor first of all.  Lift one knee up in front of you and place your foot flat on the floor. Reach backwards and try to take hold of your opposite foot – ie. left hand to right foot.

This is a string stretch for your thigh and entire hips area and it balances the work you have done on the backs of your legs. Never neglect the fronts of your thighs as they are as important as the backs, and stretching makes them look long and lean.

If you find this difficult, keep your back foot on the floor and simply lean forwards.

Once again, I hear you ask, “will exercise get rid of cellulite?”, or did you actually mean “Will exercise really get rid of cellulite?” Give it a go, you won’t know until you try it!

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