Women Building Muscle Can Lose Fat Faster

Ladies, women! Building muscle can help you to lose more fat, and lose it faster than any other method!

Please don’t misunderstand the theory of building muscle, or weight or resistance training – you won’t get really big muscles and start to look like a guy just because you’re in a gym and have picked up a weight! It just doesn’t happen like that. But the misconception persists in the minds of so many women – building muscle can somehow or other, contribute to increased masculinity, when in reality and when put into practice, it can actually augment a woman’s features. Toned muscles can truly look sexy on women.

women building muscle
slightly extreme women building muscle

Building muscle can certainly lead to a sexier look rather than more manly, and it is true that as a considerable percentage of women are really overweight, surely they’ve already lost their femininity anyhow.

If a woman would like to look more beautiful and sexier, she doesn’t make it her goal to pile on the fat usually! I agree however, that large muscles, as seen on professional female bodybuilders definitely don’t look so feminine either, but that look is only gained as a result of anabolic steroid taking by bodybuilding women. Muscle building workout programs with toning and definition in mind, are not going to give you that look at all.

It is true that some women may possibly gain a little weight on a women’s muscle building exercise plan, as muscle mass does weigh more than body fat, but the odds of them actually burning fat are higher. This is mainly because larger and stronger muscles require more energy in the form of calories and ultimately women building muscle can manage their fat loss far better because this process allows the body to burn unwanted fat.

The body’s ability to shed weight and keep that weight off is controlled by its metabolic rate, or metabolism, which is actually like a calorie or fat-burning machine inside the body. Consequently, the faster your metabolic rate, the more calories you burn off, even when your body is relaxing or sleeping. Losing fat and losing weight while at rest is not a fairy tale. The truth is, that the only way you are going to get rid of the most weight, is if you have your metabolism raised.

This is all dependent, naturally, on the sort of diet you eat and how active you are. The more healthy your diet program, the better. You actually need an intake of energy to reduce fat – but from the proper foods. Unhealthy food just won’t help in achieving your physical fitness and health ambitions.

A crucial element in shedding pounds and cranking up your metabolism is general conditioning levels. The fitter you become the more calories you can use in training and the more calories your body makes use of at rest.

Anaerobic conditioning along with aerobic work are crucial elements of successful training programs, and resistance training with weights is primarily anaerobic. For all its popularity however, aerobic exercise has its disadvantages. In the course of an exercise class, fat loss does take place, but once the session is over, the rate at which calories are used up, and metabolic rate, decrease quickly.

However, you can burn fat while you train as well as up to 48 hours following (even while resting) if you are doing a HIIT or high intensity interval training program which can be designed specifically for women. Building muscle too, as mentioned above is another fantastic way to burn fat even after you’ve finished your workout. There are many exercises plans and workouts detailed throughout this site, so please take a look around for more tips and information.