Womens Sports Bras

Womens’ Sports Bras – Can They Save Your Breasts from Sagging?

Womens sports bras are of the utmost importance during any aerobic physical activity. Their function is to protect the breast tissues from stretching during high impact movements, and because of the support they provide they are thus designed to limit and reduce the movement of the breasts, thus preventing injury to the breast tissue.

womens sports bras

Certain studies performed on a cross section of women with different sized breasts revealed that 60% of those women experienced some pain in their breasts, during physical exercise.

This pain is largely due to the breasts moving as the individual exercises, but this movement can be minimized by simply wearing a good, supportive and restraining moving comfort sports bra.

The structure of the breast is made up of fat, connective tissues and milk ducts, so it only has ligaments and the covering layer of skin to control movement and maintain its level of support.

Moving comfort sports bras are so named to provide comfort to the wearer whilst also reinforcing the required level of support for the size of the breasts. A women’s normal everyday bra is designed for lift and control and to provide an attractive shape, as opposed to restraint and control of a high impact sports bra for example.

High impact sports bras provide an even higher level of restraint to the breasts, thus restricting not only an up and down movement, but also a backwards and forwards movement and a side to side motion as well.

Breast ligaments and skin are delicate and should be treated as such and protected.  If the breasts are left unprotected thoughout excessive exercise sessions, not only will breast pain increase, but eventually ligament injury can lead to the breasts drooping or sagging (known as ptosis).

Generally speaking, women with relatively small breasts will receive enough support from a pullover the head type sports bra, provides support and restricts breast movement to protect them from too much motion.  However, women with medium to large sized breasts would be better advised to wear an encapsulation sports bra for control and support.  An encapsulation sports bra has molded cups for individual breast support.

It is so important to wear a suitable sports bra.  Good sports bras aid comfort and prevent pain during physical exercise, and in addition it is wise to remember that excessive and long term intense movement and exercise can lead to the breasts sagging – an irreversible natural process – only cured by an expensive breast lift operation.

womens sports brasAlways wear a sports bra – not only as a preventative measure but for comfort too.

Sports bras come in many shapes, colours and designs, they are made by many of the leading sports manufacturers such as Adidas, Nike, Champion etc, and many others besides.

A new style of sports bra has recently been developed which incorporates a heart rate monitor.

The NuMetrex™ heart rate monitoring sports bra uses unique textiles to sense and respond to the body. This style of women’s sports bra is designed to give the wearer the option to use a strapless heart rate monitor.

The NuMetrex heart rate monitoring sports bra works in conjuction with the Polar WearLink™ Transmitter, and it will also link to most fitness equipment that has integrated Polar Link technology.

This sports bra is a seamless bra and the sensors are incorporated directly into the textile as it is made. The use of this type of conductive yarn makes it completely integrated into the fabric and gives the highest level of wearability comfort.