Wu Chi


Much Qigong practice begins with a basic starting position, often the Wu Chi standing position. (This position has also been introduced to Western styles of exercise – aerobics, for example – as a basic starting position.) The period of standing still allows the individual to become aware of tensions in the body. It is also an opportunity for deep relaxation.

Perform this standing still exercise regularly, starting with about five minutes’ practice each day. More experienced students can remain in the standing position for 20 minutes or more. Over a period of several weeks, you will gradually begin to feel stronger and more comfortable in this position as your natural energy flows freely around the body.

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and your toes facing forwards or slightly out. Make your knees ‘soft’ (slightly bent), keep your head erect, relax your shoulders and let your arms hang loosely by your sides. Relax your body and imagine your centre of gravity pulling you down. Feel your feet connecting with the ground – the feeling of rootedness. At the same time, feel your body’s lightness. Feel your head being drawn upwards, your arms hanging and the centre of your body floating.


Although Qigong exercises are most commonly practised standing in the Wu Chi position, they can also be performed sitting down on a hard-backed chair with the feet flat on the floor, or lying on the back with a small pillow supporting the head.